Frequently asked auction questions FAQ

The FAQ ‘s are answers to questions we regularly receive, if you have other questions please feel free to Contact us.

Can anyone attend an auction?

Absolutely, all of the auction we conduct our open to the public and we encourage anyone who is interested to attend.

How does a live auction work?

The auctioneer calls bids to the crowd, bidders make a gesture whether they are willing to pay the priced asked, the bidder willing to pay the most wins.

How do I know if I have enough merchandise for an auction?

Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation, if you do not have enough product to conduct an auction yourself, we may be able to combine your product with another auction.

What kind of prices are realized for items at auction?

It may be surprising to learn that products of relative use to most people, and in satisfactory condition bring very close (and sometimes over) retail. Contact us for an “Auction prices realized” sheet.

What kind of products can I sell at my auction?

Everything you have to sell, excluding garbage.

Can I combine my surplus vehicles, equipment or fixtures to my auction?

ABSOLUTELY, this one of the best places to sell such items, taking advantage of extensive advertisement. Our experienced staff also has done much work with such items creating a network with potential buyers.

What if I have an item that I would like to sell but need a certain price for it?

While we generally like to sell absolute, some items can be sold with a reserve and sold at the seller’s discretion.

How far ahead should I book an auction?

Normally we like to book an auction at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time.

Do I have to sell my products at my site?

Not necessarily, items can be moved to a neutral location if required.

What is the best time of year to have an auction?

While spring and fall are the most ideal, auctions we have conducted in all 12 months have been very successful.

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