Absentee bidding

We allow absentee bidding at all of our auctions in one form or another.

If absentee bidding is allowed online for any particular auction it will be clearly identified per auction on our auction calendar. If online bids are not permitted for a particular auction, you may place an absentee bid up until 24 hours of the auction start time by contacting us. We will also accept absentee bidding in person at the auction site during posted inspection hours and any time up until the items goes for auction. These absentee bids will be undisclosed until the time of auction of the particular item, at which time a member of our staff will bid on behalf of the absentee bidder. Our policy is as follows on any absentee bid:

 1. The absentee bidder will have the option to place to bids: The starting bid and their highest bid. The starting  bid administered to us by a pre-qualified absentee bidder will become our opening bid and implemented by a member of our auction staff which may include the auctioneer.

2. The bid will become our starting bid unless our staff determines it to be unrealistic, at which time we will open the bid to the audience before registering the absentee bid into the live auction. After an absentee bid is administered as the opening bid, the item will be offered for additional bids from the live audience or other absentee bidders. If no additional bids are registered, the opening bid will be the closing bid.

3. If more than 1 absentee bid is received by Vander Kolk Auction for any item, the lower of the two will be implemented as the starting bid and a designated member of our staff will bid competitively on behalf of other absentee bidders.

4. In cases of items with reserves or items selling subject to owner confirmation, the closing bid will be offered to the seller for approval.

6. If you are a winning absentee bidder, we will attempt to contact you as soon as time allows, we require payment within 1 business day of purchase.

7. If an absentee bidder is in attendance on auction day, their absentee bid will still be administered unless formally retracted with our auction staff, and made clear to the auction team. A written retraction may be required.

8. By placing an absentee bid, online, by phone, email or any other means, as the bidder you accept responsibility for inspection of the item. Vander Kolk Auction will do everything in our power to aid in the evaluation process, but in the end all items are sold ‘as, is’ ‘where is’ without any warranties expressed or implied.

…for questions on absentee bidding, contact us today.


A valid Credit card number must be provided for approved absentee bidding. If you are the winning bidder via absentee bid you will be notified within 12 hours of the end of the auction by phone or email. Payment is due within 24 hours of notification by cash, good check or certified funds, if payment is not made the amount will be charged to your credit card. SHIPPING: shipping arrangement for this auctions are the sole responsibility of the winning bidder, arrangements can be made with Vander Kolk Auction by contacting us (616) 437-1047. The winning bidder is responsible for any shipping charges incurred.


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