Whether it is for the courts, estate settlement, dispute settlement or you just want to know what the value is, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our appraisal services.

Michigan Appraisers establish value by utilizing the experience of the appraiser and market value of any particular item. We have the experience in many fields to help provide you with an accurate appraisal of your item or items.

 With each professional Michigan Appraisal you will receive full documentation listing values item by item.


In addition to the countless hours of experience gained through many years of conducting auctions and managing and liquidating assets. We are fully certified by the Continental Auctioneers Appraisal School of Mankato, Minnesota. These credentials give our customers peace of mind and insure the legitimacy of our practices. We are certified to appraise the following categories of assets.

personal property/antiques

All chattel items belonging to an individual or business, from pots and pans to pressure washers. This category also covers such items as antiques, intellectual property and other valuable assets.

Industrial machinery

Manufacturing equipment and specialty machinery.

Heavy equipment

Earthmovers, bulldozers, loaders etc. All equipment having to do with construction including tractor-trailers and other big trucks.

Farm equipment

All equipment critical to the operation of your farm, from tractors to milking equipment.


All breeds and species of livestock.

Classic and antique automobile

We are certified to appraise all makes and models of automobiles, including your Model T and ‘69 Barracuda. Each vehicle will be thoroughly inspected and a comprehensive report created for insurance or sale purposes.

Vander Kolk’s Auction & Appraisal are experienced Michigan Auctioneers conducting Auctions and Appraisals in Michigan.

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