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Grandville, Michigan – Live Auction – SHORT NOTICE Little’s Towing

Short Notice


Grandville, Michigan Auction
Saturday November 7th 10:00 am
3340 Larue Grandville, Michigan
Moving Auction

Furniture, clothing, racks, housewares, vehicles, car parts & collectibles.


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Now booking events for 2015!

Do have an item or group of items that need to be sold?

Contact us today to discuss having an auction as a way to solve your problem.

We specialize in many formats including:

  • Estate Settlement – Whether it’s a small amount of items or an overwhelming amount of stuff, we can offer solutions.
  • Real Estate – A great way to sell your real estate! Call us for a free consultation.
  • Business – Downsizing or complete liquidation, we can help you streamline your operation.
  • Farm – We are farm equipment enthusiasts and selling farm items at auction is our passion.

Call or text Scott (616) 437-1047 to get the process started.

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Antiques and Collectibles at Auction

Antiques and collectibles are a staple in the auction world and have been traded by auction for decades. We are knowledgeable in Antiques and collectibles and have been selling them regularly since 1974. (above: Vintage sign collection at McGraw tire in Grand Rapids, Michigan)

We love to sell antiques of shapes, sizes and categories.


Who doesn’t love classic cars? Classic automobiles sell very well at auction. They are easy to market due to high desire and available marketing channels.

antiques cars and motorcycles at auction
Believe it or not underneath that crowd is several vintage motorcycles and antiques cars

Guns & Military antiques

Military items are in high demand and have been for quite some

antiques military items
This WWI vintage German helmet sold at auction for $450.00



Antique furniture has been a staple in the antiques business for a long, long time now. Many people believe antique furniture that they own is a large part of their personal wealth. Unfortunately outside of super high end antique furniture…the market is very fickle. The value of everyday antique furniture is severely affected by current styles and taste. Values on antique furniture change constantly, contact us to find out what your furniture may be worth.

Advertising, Toys and other Collectibles

Signs and toys may be two of the most fun and satisfying antique items to sell at auction. While rarity and condition make a base for the value of the item, emotion and personal attachment really drive it home.

Definition of Antiques

The Michigan Secretary of State defines you automobile as antique after 26 or more years!

That makes a 1990 Chevy Lumina a qualifier for historic plates!

Wikipedia defines “Antique” as

An antique (Latin: antiquus; “old”, “ancient”) is an old collectable

antiques auction photo of a bicycle
This Montgomery Wards bicycle sold at auction in Grand Rapids, Michigan for $475

item. It is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society.

See the wikipedia entry here.

Age does not necessarily equal beauty.

While age does play a factor in the value of antiques…it is not the deciding factor. In regards to value more emphasis is placed on rarity, condition and utility. To paraphrase a quote from TV’s Pawn Stars “I have rocks in my backyard that are Millions of years old, and they’re not really worth anything.”

Personal Emotional Connection is where it’s at.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and one that drives the so-called antiques market. Reliving your youth is the number one reason things become collectible. Bringing back feelings you once thought were long gone pushes people to seek out things they remember fondly or always wished they had but could not afford.

The most classic examples of this are automobiles and toys. People who grew up in the 50’s did not play with the same toys or fantasize about the same cars as a kid a decade later in the 60’s. Disposable income then becomes the price driver. Typically people do not reach the “disposable income” phase of their lives until at least their 40’s. As they begin to seek out these items, the generation before them has already purchased the items they desire. One generation of items rises in value, while the one previous declines.

antiques and automobiles at auction
Vintage and antique automobiles ready for auction for the T Bird Ted auto auction in Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Flooring store liquidation

Auction Information
Auctioneer Vander Kolk’s Golden Gavel Auction Service 616.799.7253
Auction Date May 05 Auction Location 3987 Brockton (40th St.) Kentwood, MI
Kentwood, MI
Click to Map
Time 10:00AM
View Photo Gallery
Auction Listing


Saturday May 5th, 2007

10:00 a.m.

Famous Flooring of Grand Rapids, Michigan has recently streamlined their operations and along with Golden Gavel Auction Service they are pleased to offer the following goods for public auction:

view the brochure

More photos to come, please check back.

Auctioneers note:
This is a great opportunity to purchase flooring and interior products, the items in this auction are too numerous to mention individually We also have several other vendors consigning. Please check our website for additions and changes.

Note: The utility trailer and 2 hi-los have been removed from this auction

Misc. tools
Flooring and Tile
many carpet remnants
Vinyl remnants
Laminate flooring
Harwood flooring
Ceramic in very useable quantities
4×4 wall ceramic
12×12 wall & floor ceramic
Misc. trim pieces
pallet racking
Carpet displays
Ceramic displays
Vinyl displays
File cabinets
Misc trees and plants
Other building materials

for more information or possible consignment info, call Lucas Spoor 616-292-5440 or emaillucas@goldengavel.net

Cash or check with proper id due day of sale, nothing may be removed until settled for. Every item sells “as is, where is” without warranty or guarantee whatsoever. Not responsible for accidents or items after sold. This advertisement is only a guide, please inspect all merchandise. There will be a 5% buyer�s premium on all merchandise. Announcements made the day of auction take precedence over printed material. List subject to change. Check our web site for additions or changes.


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